Zeppelin raids, Gothas and 'Giants'

Britain's First Blitz - 1914 -1918

Ian Castle looks at the World War One air raids on Britain - the First Blitz

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Ian Castle has written three books covering different aspects of the air offensive against Britain in World War One.


London 1914-17: The Zeppelin Menace was published in 2008 and details the Zeppelin raids on the capital. As well as numerous photographs and four original colour plates, the book also gives detailed maps of all nine raids that reached London and shows where the bombs landed.


London 1917-18: The Bomber Blitz, published in 2010, follows the same format and takes the story on from the demise of the Zeppelin raids and the challenge taken up by the German Gotha bombers and 'Giants'.


The Zeppelin Base Raids: Germany 1914, published in 2011, highlights the attempts in 1914 to destroy Zeppelins in their home bases before they could attack Britain. It covers the raids on Cologne, Dusseldorf, Friedrichshafen and Cuxhaven (Nordholz)

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In 2013 Ian was an advisor on the documentary, Attack of the Zeppelins, shown in the UK on Channel 4 and internationally, on SBS in Australia and in the US on Nova (where it was retitled, Zeppelin Terror Attack.)


In 2014 Ian worked on the film Zeppelin Terror made by the BBC as part of the World War One at Home initiative.


In 2015 Ian featured in an episode of Defenders of the Sky shown on History Channel.  



My latest book - The First Blitz - Bombing London in the First World War - is published on 20th October 2015

The publishers have combined my two previous titles - Zeppelin Menace & Bomber Blitz - into one for the centenary of the

First Blitz.


There is some new linking material and new photos but it retains all the maps and artwork from the originals. A very attractive and colourful edition.

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